Our Talent Differentiator
Zμ is a ZEST proprietary value-added services which optimizes clients existing operation processes, the need to keep up with technology changes, client servicing, andbeing compliant with the ever-changing statutory landscape.

Clients leverage ZEST's talent pool –“Pick and Choose” the resources for any number of hours, days, weeks, months or whatever time at a fractional cost. This is the recipe which we see our clients demanding to remain competitive.

Based on industry, technology trend we recruit a talent pool which is mutualized in cost models, whereby this pool is shared or operated by many different clients simultaneously. We have multiple variations, options, availability on how this can benefityour talent needs.

How did we envision Zμ (Zest Mu)?

μ symbolizes ‘Reduced Mass’

Over the past decade we have seen organizations outsourcing their technology needs. By just adapting to a lean onshore model to reduce operational costs in order to maintain profitability, many firms are yet to realize the full benefits of doing so.

Issues like resource uncertainty, key talent being unavailable, loosing resources to Hi-Tech companies, resource cost, cost of living in a particular geography and various other people challenges were seen in the market place. Here, is when we established Zμ(Zest Mu).

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We Identify Talent
Bank on our engine to recruit talent, onsite, offshore, near shore, remote or Zμ - Together let’s be one step ahead.

Our expertise includes

  • Technical and soft skill screening
  • Facilitating remote interviews
  • Specialized approach to onboard the selected talent.

Talent recruiting, contracting, training and retaining resources with the right skills and experience for your IT organization can be costly and time-consuming, especially when you need to quickly ramp up and down resources aligning as per client’s business priorities and demand.

We support

Your IT staff capacity or extend your capabilities through a flexible and scalable model —providing resources onsite or offshore.

With client’s right from demand forecast to fulfillment, our professionals differentiate by partnering with clients defining the description, suggesting and recommending requisite skill, experience required to maximize returns.

We engage

Performing preliminary due diligence around business, soft skills which assists filtering the right pool of talent for the client to evaluate and select. Quarterly governance and reporting ensure to share resource feedback, development, known facts to mitigate potential risk in the future.

Industries and Technologies

We understand that BFSI requires unique talent expertise which requires both functional and technical know-how.

Over the years we have now created a database of specific talent pool that adds value to the customers team on day one. ZEST team also has unique ability to “filter” through the crowd in identifying the most technology savvy talent pool to provide on demand. Our Talent team works closely with the customers to first understand the need towards the project and then provided qualified experts to choose from.

In BFSI, ZEST has staffed technology experts in Architecture, Core Java, C++, Ncino, SFDC, Systems Design, .NET, Angular and Cloud experts.

ZEST’s customer base includes major transit agencies in the country. Transit Agencies, Local and State Government have a unique niche about the temporary talent which they seek. Since ZEST has several end-to-end projects in this industry, we have an edge over the other in providing “just-in-time” talent to this industry. To service this Industry our goodwill and “word of mouth” helps us find the right talent. We are abreast with the latest trends and understand the futuristic goals which in turn helps us work in this industry to identify the talent in advance.

In Transit Systems, Local and State Government, we have staffed experts in various ERP technologies, Maximo, Systems Analyst, Construction Managers, Systems Testers, SCADA experts, Cybersecurity, Migration Support.

As a highly compliance driven industry, ZEST team pays special attention to Healthcare and Biotech staffing. We have a core team of experts in-house on our projects who help us identify the accurate talent for this industry. Our screening for recruiting temporary talent in this industry has a benchmark checklist as designed by each of our major customers. Being a ISO, HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant company gives us an opportunity to be trusted partner to all our healthcare customers.

In Healthcare and Biotech, ZEST has provided multitude of staffing support in varied stacks which include AWS, Sitecore, Cybersecurity, Communication Systems, UI/IX, SharePoint and many more.

Manufacturing industry has been a customer base for ZEST since inception. We have been able to provide talent support globally as this industry is unique in terms of its technology functions being interwind with business functions. While supporting manufacturing and energy customers ZEST is always aware to be ready to understand the problem statement before providing options solely on basis of technology stack. We have in-house on-call experts to help identify the right talent for all our staffing needs for these industries.

In Manufacturing and Energy we have provided talent in JDE, MES, SAP, Oracle, SACDA, RPA

Being a California company, we have always been close to the largest retailers and E-commerce in the world. ZEST has provided support directly and through MSP models to these retailers across the globe. Our Talent support team through its interactions with the customers has had the opportunity to work on the latest and the most emerging technologies. Retail and E-commerce have been the most evolving industries with the highest disruptions which has been primarily caused by the ever changing technology landscape. ZEST team has been fortunate to support such challenging needs and has proven itself time and again with the quality of skills delivered successfully.

Technologies like Snowflake, Heroku, SAP-AFS, SAP IS Retail, UX/UI, POS Developers

Telecom and Media industries have been a customer base from the early day for ZEST. We have worked with large media and entertainment companies to support them with contingent technology staff. Clients have trusted us to work on very sensitive and confidential projects where ZEST has provided multiyear contingent staff teams. Since this industry is very specific and sensitive to customer convenience they are always on lookout for the top talent in most niche technologies. Some of the projects in these industries require training such niche skills when introduced to the market are not easy to resource.

Technologies used for this industry are Big Data, Tableau, Angular, SWIFT, Java

talent offerings

Discover the impact ZEST’s Contingent Staffing can have on your organization. Whether you're a small company or a large corporation, we possess the knowledge and capabilities to deliver high-quality contingent staffing solutions.

We recognize that each organization has distinct staffing demands, and our services are tailored to meet your individual needs. With our unwavering dedication to quality, delivery and access to a skilled talent pool, we are ready to offer you the staffing solutions necessary to succeed in the competitive world of business today.

ZEST’s “Just in time” strategy for having talented contributors become an extension of our client’s team to ensures success towards the set objectives. Contingent staffing allows our clients to focus on having quality people become a part of their team at a short notice and have them participate only when required.

ZEST’s principle of quality first ensures that the contingent staffing solutions are of highest quality to add value on day one with the customer. Additionally Contingent staffing allows the customer to ramp up and ramp down their team seamlessly.

ZEST’s customers rely on the consistency that they seek with assurance for a stable delivery model. Managed staffing has been successful across various industries, under this offering, ZEST provides a guaranteed talent pool to fulfill the end-to-end delivery while having the customer retain the control on assignments and tasks assigned to the ZEST Team.

Managed Staffing is a unique concept where in the customer has the assurance about the availability of the resources at a fixed cost and for a predictable period. Managed staffing approach has enabled our customer to ensure predictability, knowledge retention and main the control on the deliverables.

ZEST is successfully engaged in multiple such engagements from a few years and we have seen the success for our customer leveraging our onshore, nearshore and offshore blend.

ZEST has created unique vendor solutions and programs to support clients via direct relationships or MSP and/or VMS staffing models, which includes a proven cost-savings Master Service (vendor) Program. The company has expanded on the typical master vendor model to create an innovative and proven MVP solution that optimizes the overhead cost structure and provides direct savings from current market prices.

ZEST brings to its Master Vendor Program expertise in SLA-driven performance, consultant transitioning, QMS process orientation, on-demand ramp-up and down capability, MIS collaboration and reporting capabilities, and a mature governance model.

Driven by ZEST’s proprietary products, the customers are onboarded swiftly and can manage and run their entire contingent staffing either through the platform or through ZEST deployment staffing team for a fee.

Since ZEST’s value system is centric to quality, permanent hiring for professional fees for our customer is a natural bridge for our team. As ZEST is not only engaged in staffing but into end to end projects and delivery, we understand the importance and relevance of having the right team for success towards company and technology goals.

ZEST follows a stringent quality control process while proposing qualified options to the customer for their permanent hiring needs. Historically, we have also seen in most cases ZEST’s contingent staff has been retained with the customer as they value the quality of people and retention of knowledge.

ZEST’s sole goal is to ensure that we support the customer as we would support our own success.

ZEST with its subsidiaries in Canada and India brings a girth of resources and reach. ZEST also has its own offices and infrastructure and stand-by options for the customers to explore the options for cost rationalization.

Our offering is about understanding the motivation and the “why” statement where in we walk with the customers vision and envisaged journey for ODC and Captive capacity. Having a trusted partner in ZEST, the customer is aware about the transparency and the quality of services with ZEST. We offer Build Operate Transfer or Capacity to our Customers that have a vision to establish they own offices outside of the US.