Digitalizing your documents and making your data discoverable is an important step in your digital transformation journey

ZEST OCR solution captures and digitization technology that recognizes texts in images and converts these images of texts into machine-readable text data.

Our solution is enhanced with AI, OCR-based technologies which can intelligently recognize even difficult data like free-form, cursive handwritten texts.

We have combined technologies such as

  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Deep Learning (DL)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Computer Vision

Our OCR solution powers Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), turning unstructured data into structured data.

At ZEST, we are committed to providing top-notch OCR services. We take a meticulous approach to ensure that our annotation process is thorough and accurate: How is ZEST OCR solution different & how does it works.

1. Capture

Capture any type of document, electronic or paper, from any source.

2. Requirements

Working alongside the client team we prescribe on the process, policies, tools to create the complete dataset.

3. Classify

Identify and sort the documents using Machine Learning (ML).

4. Extract

Extract the metadata of documents using business rules and database lookups, fuzzy logic, etc.

5. pilot

We choose a subset sample of data early on, The pilot affirms the OCR service can satisfy project demand.


Users receive alerts on any error or exceptions. Allow manual overrides, ZEST ensures quality audit and validation. A thorough quality assurance ensures that the occurrence of errors are minimized.

7. Full Scale extraction

Once the pilot is accepted and the results are satisfactory post validation. We proceed with solution deployed, our unique approach performs OCR in batches, allowing closer monitoring of results, observing the minute details and track progress.

8. Deliver

Automatically send data, on-premise, hybrid, or cloud and connects to any RPA, BPM, ERP, and more..

ZEST clients have realized key benefits using its OCR and digitization solution


There is no need to physically maintain and store paper records, which takes up large storage areas and tend to deteriorate quickly

Instant access to the most updated information

Having the most recent information at all times facilitates better business decisions


Data becomes highly accessible and can be retrieved quickly for use in different processes in the company

Visibility and availability of data

The availability of data across the organization allows for analysis and optimization by different departments


Processing and capturing customer feedback

1. OCR

Capture large volumes of customer feedback forms, majority of them being handwritten

2. RPA

Automatically key customer feedback into the CRM

3. AI

Understand and classify the feedback into different categories for follow up by the relevant departments


1. OCR

Capture invoices of varying formats and extract the relevant information

2. RPA

Automatically key invoice information into ERP system

3. AI

Understand and classify invoices for follow up by the relevant departments.