At ZEST, we continually push ourselves to think of better ways to make the industry’s most capable tools work better for you. We help clients reap the most from their investment by designing systems that transform them.

When it comes to delivering on core business objectives, we understand the importance of people and technology. Having the right people to leverage the right technologies is critical to achieving our success.

ZEST is Powered by People, and it is one of the many reasons our clients choose to work with us because they:
  • Value our deep business and technical expertise
  • Value the depth of skill and experience that comes from working with our specialist team
  • Appreciate the nimbleness and flexibility of working
  • Value our use of local people who are vetted on their technology knowledge and fitment
  • Welcome the way we solve problems, innovate and take advantage of opportunities
  • Appreciate the collaborative way we work based on our commitment to achieving outcomes

Your Team,

Your Way

Each project phase and work stream may require different workforces and capabilities.

Our co-delivery model accelerates delivery by implementing both managed and capacity-driven delivery processes. Cross-functional, organizationally integrated, adaptive, and scalable teams work together to meet and exceed your goals. This agile delivery ecosystem accelerates collaboration, allows for delivery in 3-month increments, and reduces the risk of knowledge transfer impacting velocity.

ZEST is certified for quality, information security & data protection

Certified to ISO 27001 for the performance of our Information Security Management System. It’s a dual level of accreditation that underlines our commitment to excellence – handling information securely, and maximizing the quality of our service delivery.

Certified HIPAA, bolster our security practices preventing incidents such as hacking. Also, by implementing HIPAA policies and procedures, our team understand their responsibilities and obligations under the law and can help prevent breaches of protected health information (PHI) and other violations of HIPAA regulations, which can result in significant fines and penalties.

Certified SOC2 Type 2, attestation report not only demonstrates that ZEST has a robust control in place to protect our clients from data breaches but also prioritize the security of our clients information and data through an independent validation audit. Achieving SOC 2 Type 2 complements existing ISO 27001 standards since both certifications determine that proper procedures are in place to ensure customers data is secure, private, and confidential while looking at a business’s service availability and processing integrity