Manage and make the best of your entire enterprise landscape and development lifecycle with our AMS Services. We are a technology agnostic AMS Managed services provider

Today’s foremost challenge of any IT manager or CIO is to reduce unwanted costs, achieve more with less budget, prioritize internal business demand, handle workload spikes, manage IT spending, and monitor backlogs effectively. With the growing demand for enterprise-wide applications, businesses desperately need dedicated and reliable support and technical expertise to meet their strategic goals. Our dedicated team deliver end-to-end AMS services supported by an experienced and highly skilled in-house team.

Our AMS Framework

Our AMS framework is an established and cost-effective AMS model that encompasses a broad range of Application Maintenance and Support Services. Our uniquely designed AMS framework, helps us extend support to our client’s objectives 24/7, 24/5 or on-call model. Designed by our certified and experienced AMS consultants, our framework reduces total cost-of-ownership (TCO) and ensures quality service delivery to our customers. Regardless of the type of maintenance required, our AMS model can be adapted to your specific needs. Our array of service offerings:

Technical Support

Technical support services are designed to scale and revitalize your ERP strategically. Leveraging our expertise allows you to derive more value from your application portfolio.

  • Data migration services
  • Application integration services
  • Add-on functionality developments and enhancements
  • Development using standard software tools
  • Development using non-standard technologies such as Angular, Node, Postgres, etc. to enhance your core ERP application
  • Upgrades as well as conversion and migration to new version
Functional Support

We offer functional and post-implementation application maintenance and support services to initiate functionalities and procedures in your current and new business areas. Combining process redesign and user training, we help you optimize the utilization of functionalities.

  • Integrate and configure modules and submodules
  • Manage business process changes impacting cross functional modules
  • Region-wise rollout of business units including localization
  • Offer training and support to users
  • Manage and support year-end and month-end activities
  • Functional support for migration, upgrades, patch /release notes
Administration Support

Leverage the in-depth industry expertise and technical know-how of our AMS consultants to optimize your enterprise landscape and application usage. Performance evaluation of your enterprise applications include:

  • Assess and expand storage as required
  • Security management and user support
  • Database and operating system migration
  • Support for migration and other upgrades
  • Monitor and optimize transport management
  • Support Package Application

Our AMS Support Models

We offer two types of AMS support models for maintaining your enterprise application

| Skill Augmentation Model

| Complete Outsourcing Model.

Choosing the right model depends on your specific business requirements, budget, and critical business processes.

Skill Augmentation Model

If your team requires specialised skill sets or resources in niche areas, you can leverage our Skill Augmentation Model. We follow a process-oriented methodology to maintain, enhance, and manage ERP systems.

Our cost-effective and streamlined Application Management Services (AMS) range from on-demand support to application monitoring, maintenance, support, and help desk services.

We are well-placed to offer you the flexibility required to manage any business requisites. Ensuring feasibility, we list the business criticality, priority of implementation, and cost estimates to close gaps that need to be covered or customized.

Complete Outsourcing Model

Opting for a Complete Outsourcing enables you to replace your team with a partner like us (in other words, converting your Fixed Costs into Variable Costs). This helps you attain demand levelling (managing spikes in demand) and gain capabilities that a partner like us can provide.

The role of a proven partner like us is inevitable for your company’s future growth. You'll get dedicated onshore, nearshore, offshore consultants to streamline your business processes with us. We automate redundant tasks, reduce human errors, save time, and enhance business efficiency and productivity with our AMS services.