A tale of vision, resilience, and impact

Helping our Communities

ZEST helps clients grow their business by enhancing people’s lives and helping consultants progress toward rewarding careers. Our mission statement and policies set a framework for ethical conduct, human relations, environmental sustainability, and transparency as well as accountability and compliance with our clients’ requirements.

We are invested in creating long-term partnerships with clients, employees and consultants that strengthen communities, help tackle social challenges, and solve complex problems. We encourage employees to explore their passions, business skills, and expertise to make meaningful contributions to the world around them.

“No culture can live,
if it attempts to be exclusive.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

At ZEST, commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion are synonymous to organizational success.

It is the fulcrum to our mission and vision. We understand that to have an organization that has a larger impact on society, our commitment towards one another’s success with acceptance as we are non-negotiable.


Diversity is expressed in multitude forms, including gender and gender identity, race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, language, culture, national origin, religious commitments, age, (dis)ability status, and political perspective. We demonstrate our commitment to Diversity each day as a global organization with workforce across continents.


ZEST does not only believe in the policy of equal opportunity for all persons and on non-discriminatory basis of national origin, race, color, age, marital status, sex, gender identity, gender sexual orientation, expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status but actually puts this in practice. As a company built by first generation immigrants, we understand the importance of equality to its core.


ZEST makes constructive efforts towards different perspectives. We are aware that building diverse groups helps create a vibrant environment of inclusiveness, thus, we believe that we are “all in it together” and no success or failure if branded to an individual.


Our mission is to contribute to the information technology consulting industry with transparency, efficiency, ethics and cost effectiveness.


Our vision is to be the largest provider of technology consulting cooperative, a one of its kind.


We value our clients and our people; their progress, growth and satisfaction are of utmost importance at ZEST.

ZEST is a market and segment differentiator due to its FOUR Pillars

Our Principles

Our Team

Adam Johnson

Account Manager

Aditi Srivastava

Recruitment Team Member

Arun Sulia

Vice President Business Transformation

Ashith Bolar

Vice President Technical Transformation

Cherry Cadet

Project Assistant

Gladys Vildosola

Project Manager - Communications

Irfan Shaikh

Leader - Staffing and Recruitment

Jay (Paresh)

Executive Vice President

Jenna Kail

HR Manager - Amick Brown

Johanna Montilla

Project Assistant

Karthik Kahar

Recruitment Team Member

Manzur Shaikh

Recruitment Team Member

Michael Ahamat

Sr Finance Manager

Mohamed Nabeel

Recruitment Team Member

Neeraj Pateria

Recruitment Team Member

Nischit Doshi

Executive Vice President

Rich Rice

Project Manager - Communications

Soham Mookerjea

Project Manager - Information Technology

Dhwani Rana

Company Secretary (CS)

Bhagyashree Gaikwad

Finance Manager

Silvia Fernandes

Senior Executive HR

Sameer Gandhi

Vice President Business Transformation

Sanjeeta Jadhav

Lead - Recruitment Team

Sijo Thomas

Sr. Human Resource Manager

Krishna Dhawle

Recruitment Team Member

Vidhya Khakhar

Manager Accounting and Finance

Sade Prasad

Recruitment Team Member


Lead - Recruitment Team

Saigoud Siddagoni

Recruitment Team Member

Pravin Patade

QA Leader

Mahesh Reddy Gantla