Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are two components of modern digital technology that have become increasingly accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Working with our AI/ML experts, you can leverage AI and ML solutions to empower your team and strengthen your company for the long term.

Improve inefficiencies and strengthen your team with AI/ML development services. Our experts specialize in design and engineering to deliver these solutions according to your goals.

Our AI/ML Services

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions transform existing inefficiencies in your processes, methodologies.

Using these strategies, our experts empower you to integrate features like predictive analytics and forecasting to improve your business’s decision-making.

AI/ML services can also streamline tedious manual processes, from administrative duties to data management.

When you collaborate with us for AI and ML, we’ll learn your workflow and find areas that could benefit from these technologies.

With our focus on maximizing value, we highlight the areas of your business that could experience the most impact with AI/ML.

Our focus areas include

Customer service automation

Capture any type of document, electronic or paper, from any source.

Data analytics and business intelligence

Working alongside the client team we prescribe on the process, policies, tools to create the complete dataset.

Process automation and optimization

Identify and sort the documents using Machine Learning (ML).

AI/ML strategy development

Extract the metadata of documents using business rules and database lookups, fuzzy logic, etc.

Supply chain optimization

Automatically send data, on-premise, hybrid, or cloud and connects to any RPA, BPM, ERP, and more..

Bias mitigation and fairness

We choose a subset sample of data early on, The pilot affirms the OCR service can satisfy project demand.

Personalization and marketing automation

Users receive alerts on any error or exceptions. Allow manual overrides, ZEST ensures quality audit and validation. A thorough quality assurance ensures that the occurrence of errors are minimized.

Churn prevention and customer retention

Once the pilot is accepted and the results are satisfactory post validation. We proceed with solution deployed, our unique approach performs OCR in batches, allowing closer monitoring of results, observing the minute details and track progress.

AI/ML talent acquisition

Apply our solutions to recruit and retain AI and ML professionals for development and implementation.

Benefits from the AI/ML Development Services

Improved productivity and efficiency

With automated processes like AI audience segmentation or online customer support, AI/ML frees up time for your team to focus on other high-value processes. Reduce your reliance on a collection of manual processes to improve your productivity and focus your attention elsewhere.

Reduced human error

AI and ML use repetitive, rule-based tasks that increase adherence to policies, reduce errors, improve processes, and offer greater peace of mind

Increased customer satisfaction

With the right AI and ML strategies, you can improve your understanding of your customer base and tailor your products or services to them. These custom insights pair with improved efficiency that enhances the overall customer experience.

Optimized security practices

Analytical and predictive AI tools can understand the likelihood of certain security breaches and inform your strategy for protecting data.

Enhanced agility and growth

AI and ML give your business the agility to scale as your business model shifts and your audience expands. This agility is key to keeping your company successful over time.