Experience harnessing technology to support in a variety of ways

We can show you how to better leverage your existing investment in your Technology platforms. Our focus is on defining a strategic direction in a highly cost-effective manner.

Our services

Completing a quick diagnostic and analysis of your current state and your desired future state and outlining opportunities for improvement

Building or refining your technology landscape strategy and architecture, in a way that is pragmatic and easily implementable

Recommending how to best leverage your existing investment, including transitioning to an alternate system to meet your business needs if necessary

Working with ZEST on your strategy will ensure your investment is leveraged

Gaining awareness of new capabilities and opportunities

Having a comprehensive roadmap to respond more quickly to changes in business imperatives

Ensuring that any exposures are identified and managed, to avoid unnecessary risk and spend

Having the means to influence your technology solution roadmap, to get the best outcome and ROI on your strategy

Getting the right cloud strategy is key, our cloud experts work with our clients and simplify the cloud adoption, migration taking their business to new heights

Our industry experts put hyper agile performance and resilience in your hands, with the flexibility and scalability you need from your cloud.

As a cloud-agnostic services provider, we’re equipped to deliver an ideal solution for your requirements every time. Our array of cloud strategy experts assists with the following:
Cloud Strategy & Readiness

Your custom cloud journey roadmap. As a company built on the cloud, we understand the importance of defining a cloud strategy and knowing the readiness of your digital assets for their migration.

Our cloud strategy and readiness details

  • Deep risk and challenge investigation to assess the readiness of your IT landscape for migration
  • Post-assessment business case and focus on end state architecture
  • Defined deployment roadmap using best practices from our experience with leading Fortune 500 companies

Cloud Platform Assessment

Your cloud assessment and remediation approach. Eliminate higher operating costs from common cloud culprits: improper planning and design, wasted resources, relaxed security, or lack of governance and policies.

Our cloud platform assessment detailsRe-architect and redesign your cloud

  • Establish reliable and scalable cloud systems
  • Develop a highly secured cloud environment
  • Bring cost-efficiency to your cloud infrastructure for maximum performance and scalability
  • Provide resource consolidation and adopting platform-as-a-service (PaaS)-based cloud resources

Cloud Migration Assessment

Your custom cloud migration plan. With proper planning and mapping, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your IT infrastructure will operate on the cloud—which applications to migrate, dependencies to consider, and environmental challenges to address

Our cloud migration assessment details

  • Migration strategy based on the 6 Rs of migration—retire, retain, re-host, re-platform, re-architect, and re-purchase.
  • Application nature and state-based recommendations
  • Catalog your applications/workloads based on their properties and dependencies
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) for the targeted environments
  • Migration wave plans and landing zone architecture design guidelines

Cloud Foundation

A solid foundation to build your cloud home. A successful cloud initiative is built on a rock solid foundation: The landing zone. With this foundation, you get secure, reliable, high-performing operability for the long term, while reducing costs. A well-architected landing zone sits at the core of a successful cloud migration

Our cloud foundation service landing zone constructs include

  • Multi-account architecture
  • Security baseline
  • Identity and access management
  • Governance and compliance
  • Security
  • Network design
  • Logging

Cloud Migration

Let the experts bring your business to the cloud. More companies are seeking the agility and efficiency found on the cloud, but these innovations bring risk and challenge for unprepared organizations. Moving your IT and digital infrastructure requires careful planning and execution from trusted experts.

Our cloud migration service details

  • Program governance and execution setup
  • Migration wave plan and factory creation
  • Multi-squad, multi-design deployment
  • Build process automation
  • Knowledge transfer and hyper care

Cloud Security

Keep your cloud secure. Our experts help you secure your workloads running on the cloud—including security controls for your infrastructure, data, and applications. This service is built to ensure the security, privacy, and compliance of cloud-based resources and help you mitigate potential risks and threats, both internal and external, that could compromise your digital assets.

Our cloud security service details

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM): IAM solutions control access to cloud resources, ensuring that only authorized users can access and manipulate data and applications.
  • Data Encryption: Encryption is used to protect data in transit and at rest, making it unreadable to anyone who doesn't have the proper keys to decrypt it.
  • Network Security: Network security services include firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and virtual private networks (VPNs) that protect cloud infrastructure from unauthorized access.
  • Threat Intelligence: Threat intelligence services use machine learning algorithms and other advanced technologies to analyze and identify potential security threats in real-time.
  • Vulnerability Scanning: Vulnerability scanning tools scan cloud resources for security vulnerabilities and provide insights into how to mitigate those risks.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): SIEM solutions provide real-time monitoring of cloud infrastructure, enabling organizations to identify and respond to security incidents quickly.
  • Compliance Management: Compliance management services help organizations ensure that their cloud infrastructure and applications comply with industry-specific and government-mandated regulations.

Cloud Platform Maintenance

Maintain your cloud. Cloud transforms your scalability, agility, rapid deployment, and on-demand availability of services. With a reduction in IT workloads and your physical infrastructure footprint, you’ll also only pay for what you use. However, the cloud disrupts your operations management approach and introduces new challenges—requiring new responsibilities, skill sets, and resource requirements only a few services providers possess.

Our cloud platform maintenance details

  • 24/7 management of your cloud infrastructure, applications, and service management with SLAs
  • 24/7 network operations centre (NOC) & security operations centre (SOC)
  • Automation and DevOps for streamlining your application and workload management